Cincinnati Bengals Rap Anthem Song New Dey by Rick Gray

Told y'all it's a New Dey!

It all started with a the rap anthem I wrote for the Cincinnati Bengals 2021/22 Playoff run.

New Dey©, the song, came to me while making the two mile drive home from and early morning workout.

I walked in the door, shared a few bars with the fam and that was supposed to be it.

There were no plans to record it, or share it. No plans to get on the news, or have it played on radio... and definitely not to make a music video!

It’s rather odd how each of those came to be, and it’s pretty cool

So why not keep it going?

  • A clothing line inspired by the ones who work in silence, grinding it out when no one else is watching.

  • The ones who let their performance speak for itself when their backs are against the wall and it's all on the line.

  • The underdogs and the forgotten ones that get no respect, until they level up and rise to the top, conquering all.

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Everyday is a New Dey. Seize it!

New Dey© - The Music Video

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